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Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services

Are You Ready for the Chair? 

Are You Ready for the Chair? 

Investment fiduciaries are exposed to legal and practical scrutiny—it comes from multiple directions and for various reasons. It is likely that complaints or lawsuits alleging investment mismanagement will continue to increase.

One of the fundamental questions you must ask yourself is, “Am I ready for the chair?”

What documents and files would you want to have in your lap if you ever find yourself defending your investment decisions in a court of law or before an arbitration panel? One of the objectives at Legacy is to prepare you for the proverbial “chair.”

When planning your investment decisions, consider how effectively you will be able to explain your actions if you are called upon to do so in a setting where each of your explanations ends with the phrase “your honor.”

What Legacy Wealth Management Can do for You:

While the Practices are available to all advisors, only those who have earned the AIF® Designation are formally recognized by the Center for Fiduciary Studies for demonstrating a full understanding of how to implement those processes to help institutional clients fulfill their fiduciary obligations. AIF® Designees are able to use the knowledge and resources they have gained through their training to:

  • Evaluate your current fiduciary practices and recommend actions that addressrisk areas and help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal law
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive investment policy statement that documents all of the processes and procedures that will be used to manage your portfolio
  •  Analyze and optimize your portfolio’s asset allocation strategy to better align with the plan or fund’s specific investment objective or the demographic needs of plan participants
  • Apply objective standards for evaluating and recommending appropriate investment options for your portfolio